Toy Drive For Ronald McDonald House

Although I’ve already created a note about the toy drive on Facebook, I decided to write about it here as well, in order to be able to include a link to PayPal in order to make it easier to donate.

My original idea was to buy a couple of toys and drop them off at Ronald McDonald House. I sent an email to RMH to see if they needed toys for any specific age groups or if they had any requests for certain gifts. They sent back an email detailing the age groups that they could use toys and gifts for. At this point they could use gifts for infants straight on up to teenagers and adults. I already have some items to donate but I would love to be able to bring more. If anyone would like to donate money, even a few dollars, please click on this link to donate money through Paypal. I’ll use all of the donated money to buy gifts and toys for RMH. If anyone has brand new toys or other new items that they wish to donate, these would be appreciated as well.

A short summary of RMH. This is a 15 bedroom house located near McMaster’s Children’s Hospital. Parents and families with sick children can stay at Ronald McDonald House for free or for a low cost. This enables families to stay together and give support to their sick family members. The house provides a place to stay, eat, relax, cook, do laundry- basically a home away from home.

The reason I want to donate to them this holiday season is to support these families during this rough time for them, and to hopefully cheer up the kids who are in the hospital. being sick at Christmas sucks. Being so sick that you have to stay in a hospital, possibly far away from your home, during Christmas sucks even more. Donate a few bucks, make Christmas suck a little less for these children and families 🙂

The email from RMH-

Yes…we gladly accept Christmas gifts for the children and families at the house.   We have a specific need in the following areas:

We were able to do a quick inventory of what toys we currently have for various age groups and these are the areas where we are quite low:

Infants (newborn-1yr.) (we have a large % of Neonatal families)

· Boys

· Girls

Toddlers (1-2 yrs)

· Boys

· Girls

Children (3-7 years)

· We have some toys in this category –but it is also a much larger age group – so we could use a little bit for both boys and girls

Kids (8yrs and up)

· Girls

· Boys

· Teens in particular – we have very little

Moms and Dads

· We really have nothing at this point. L

Just a quick note…because we have so many children with compromised immune systems, items donated must be new (not used) and it is best to minimize the # of stuffed toys (that collect dust and germs). Packaged toys are best for these children.

We’d appreciate any toy donations dropped off within the first couple of weeks in December….that gives us ample time to get everything organized for our families in advance.

Thanks everyone!


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