Owls See Clearly At Night (Lii Yiiboo NaYaapiwak Lii Swer) A Michif Alphabet by Julie Flett

Owls See Clearly At Night (Lii Yiiboo NaYaapiwak Lii Swer – A Michif Alphabet by Julie Flett

This book uses a double-page spread with a letter on the left and a Michif word on the right, along with its English translation and a picture illustrating the word.

The language used is good for children learning their alphabet but the illustrations are where the book really shines. The pictures use mostly neutral tones and have splashes of blue, yellow and red to highlight different aspects of the illustration, such as the picture of the red teapot sitting on a black stump with a grey fire pit next to it and black trees in the background. The minimal use of colour really makes the pictures pop and the overall effect is gorgeous.

I could see these illustrations working really well on a set of flashcards, either to be used to help children practice their alphabet or to be clipped to a string or framed and used to decorate a children’s bedroom or a reading corner in a day care.

This book would be great to illustrate diversity and multiculturalism as the illustration show different aspect of Métis life and culture, such as bannock and fiddling. My favourite illustrations are the picture of the ant because it really showed the scale and made the ant seem really tiny, as well as the picture on the moccasins page- I just love the illustration of the little girl- her hair and moccasins especially well done.

Owls See Clearly At Night also includes a vowel pronunciation guide, a consonant pronunciation guide and a list of resources to learn more about the endangered Michif language.


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