New Hunger Games Movie Poster!

The first movie poster for the Hunger Games has been released! It feels perfect for the first announcement-breathtaking, ceremonial and slightly regal, like an introduction to the Hunger Games should be. Definitely showcases Katniss’ vibe as well. I also like the fact that they’ve added motion to the poster- it gives it an edge that a static image wouldn’t have. With online presence being such a big thing it makes sense to make the most of it- add sound, motion etc that you wouldn’t be able to put on a poster on wall.

I was feeling quite disappointed by the cast list that has been released so far, the actors listed just don’t seem to be right for the characters that they are playing (Love Stanley Tucci but he’s not the right actor to play Caesar. And Elizabeth Banks as Effie? No!, but this has gotten me excited for the movie to come out.


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