Barnes and Noble- Book store of the future.

E-books are quickly becoming more and more popular. That’s not exactly news of course, these days we connect with friends, shop and work online. With the popularity of smart phones and e-readers such as the Kindle we can take our entire book collection with us on the bus, to the beach or halfway across the world.

What is news, however, is that bookstores seem to finally be catching on to this whole “e-book” thing. Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg from the Wall Street Journal wrote an article  on how Barnes and Noble is trying to survive by strengthening their focus on their e-books sales. This is being shown as a smart move but I would disagree. I’m not saying it’s a stupid move, far from it, but isn’t it just basic common sense? If the customers want something and Store A isn’t selling it, they’ll cross the street to Store B, or more likely they’ll buy it online. While I’m glad that stores are moving into the future, it makes as much sense to congratulate them for choosing to sell e-books as it would be to congratulate another store for selling Blu rays. Do they want a gold star for this?

That being said, I still love actual paper books myself. I love the feeling of holding and opening a book and I love how they look on my shelves. Best of all, if I drop it into the bath a paper book is a lot cheaper to replace.


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