Books and Bad Boys

In crazy land news, two men were arrested for going door to door selling not drugs, not weapons but….CHILDREN’S BOOKS! According to the article on the Alexander County website the pair were arrested for panhandling/soliciting without a permit. 20 year old Peter Paul Varberg of Kingsburg, CA applied for a permit to sell the books and had been turned down. Both Varberg and his “accomplice” Brian Stephen Behnken, 19 years old of Seattle,Wa were arrested on July 14 and will go to court August 1st. I love how happy these two are in their mug shots.

Honestly, if they were my kids I’d be thrilled- they aren’t out doing drugs or beating kids up, they’re not sitting around the house all day playing video games- they’re getting up off of their butts and working to make some money. I would call that entrepreneurial, not criminal. Hopefully the judge will agree.


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