To “Live Another Day”

I absolutely love this. Brewster Kahle has a goal that even he doesn’t think is possible- to save a copy of every single book.  “The idea is to be able to collect one copy of every book ever published. We’re not going to get there, but that’s out goal” Kahle said.

He’s not being choosy either. At this point he’s looking for  collections of books instead of certain titles and some of the titles he has already collected include “Costa Rica for dummies”. The books are being kept inside a warehouse that he believes has room for about 1 million copies.

In our current age of online everything and e-books this is a great way to preserve our culture and reams of information that might otherwise be lost. These books will be protected from wear and tear that come from poor handling and climate fluctuations and will be kept to be used as references. Who knows, in 100 years these books may be some of the only books we have left.


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