A Smelly Adventure- “New York, Phew York”

This reminds me of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

A Scratch N' Sniff Adventure








Amber C. Jones wrote a children’s book called “New York, Phew York” which takes readers on an olfactory tour of New York City. This includes yummy smells such as strawberries, pizza and churros as well as gross smells like horse manure and garbage.

Jones tried to get the books published but since it was so expensive to create due to custom, U.S made scents she turned to Kickstarter.com- a website where creative entrepreneurs can get funding and remain in control of their own products.

The “New York, Phew York” project page includes a book trailer that has Jones explaining a bit about the book, as well as showing some illustrations from the book. I love the concept of the book, and I hope that some publisher will realize what they missed out on once the book is being sold and will pick it up to distribute on a wider scale.

A short preview of the book is given here. The story is enjoyable and is written in rhyming couplets that flow well- it’s definitely a fun read. My only problem with this book is the illustrations- they’re just not up to snuff. The illustrations seem to be something an adult thinks kids should enjoy- not what they actually will enjoy. The backgrounds are o.k while the characters are downright boring- Dad looks like a copy of a line drawn cartoon and it looks like no effort was made at all when drawing the child- his head and hair seem to be molded  (same colour as his skin) and his features are just dots for eyes and a line for a mouth. They just don’t pop to me, and a book about New York where the visuals don’t pop just seems wrong. The fun, well written story and scratch and sniff aspect of the book more than makes up for the poor visuals though.

The book is being marketed towards children between the ages of 5-8 and I think even kids a bit older or younger will enjoy this book- and adults will love reading it to them. Jones’ Kickstarter project has now been fully funded so hopefully these books will be out on shelves soon.


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