Nerd Do Well

A small boy's journey to becoming a big kid.Finally got  Simon Pegg’s book Nerd Do Well- A small boy’s journey to becoming a big kid. There was definitely some heavy anticipation surrounding this book- I absolutely could not wait to get my hands on it. Now I’m about 1/3 of the way through it and I’m having trouble finishing it. It’s a good book, funny although not quite what I was expecting. Pegg writes quite differently than he acts, which I guess is to be expected since when he’s acting he’s not playing himself really.

I’m just stuck though, really want to finish the book but I just don’t get into it. I’m pretty sure it’s not the book though, as I’ve read bits of Sima’s Undergarments for Women by Ilana Stanger-Ross and The Long Song by Andrea Levy before discarding them to the maybe later pile. I do find that if I’m having trouble getting through a book, whether it’s due to interest, subject matter, writing style or just not a good book if I put it away for a bit and then start fresh (usually at the beginning) I enjoy it a lot more. I have a very short attention span, especially when it comes to books. I love to read but if a book doesn’t suck me in right away my mind drifts and then the rest of me drifts away as well.

Maybe the chilly Fall weather will encourage me to snuggle up and read? All that being said, I do recommend Nerd Do Well-funny book by a funny guy.


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