Book News Roundup

Mysterious paper sculptures. An article on fantastically done art made out of books and left secretively in libraries. The artist who made these has incredible talent- the pieces are breathtaking and so detailed. It would be so much fun to find one of these while browsing the stacks at the local library.

Don’t these people know that Banned Books Week is next week? The school board is Republic, Missouri will be updating their banned books policy at tonight’s school board meeting. The updated policy will read:

Any district books that are challenged which are determined to exceed the
standards set for his/her given grade level will not be a part of the district’s
curriculum program (i.e., they will not be assigned as required readings or read
aloud by a teacher). Said books will be available to students for independent
reading. These books will be housed in a secured section of the library. Books in
this section of the library will be checked out to parents/guardians only.

At least the books will no longer be completely banned but it is still an effective way of making sure that the students can’t have easy access to them. I mean, how many busy parents will actually be able to take the time during school hours to come to the library to check out one of the banned books?


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