Before I Fall

I am currently reading slogging through Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I don’t finish reading every book that I start, life is too short, but I do try to give a book a solid chance if I’ve started reading it. I’m currently trying to decide what “a solid chance” means. Last night I only made it page 50 before wanting to put the book down permanently.

The problem may be that I am not a teenager, and am outside of the recommended age range of this book. I heard many good reviews of this book so I thought I would pick it up, but ugh. My main problem is the characters- they are intensely unlikable. The premise of the book is that the main character, the perfect and popular Samantha Kingston, dies and gets 7 re-do chances. By about page 20 I was wishing the main character would hurry up and die. By page 35 I was wishing the main character’s 3 best friends would be dying with her. By page 50 I was wondering if it was really necessary for the main character to have any chances at all of re-doing her life, and couldn’t the book please just end already. But I slog on, with the hope that the book will get better.

I will say, however, that I really enjoy Lauren Oliver’s writing style. She has a good voice and a very real way of writing- her characters pop and the settings and events are well thought out and very detailed. The writing style is currently keeping me going. If I make it through to the end of the book I’ll post a final review here.


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3 Responses to Before I Fall

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  2. LOL, that’s what it’s been like for me with Maeve Binchey’s Tara Road. Ugh. I HATE all of the main characters, who are all women, and WEAK AS WATER (as mrs. slocumb from ‘are you being served’ would say). I want to shake sense into all of them. I either need to finishi it up or move on, because I haven’t started another book. I gave up on Wuthering Heights for the same reason. Thought Heathclif and Cathy deserved each other they were both so annoying!

  3. ps- I worked in the library all through college. loved it. managed on the weekends, which for obvious reason, could be a little rough 🙂

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