Quite Overdue

There would be a gigantic late fee if Cydebank College decided to fine the borrower of a Math book that was returned 31 years overdue The book was mailed back to the college with a note, although the signature was conveniently unclear.

Although it’s nice that the book was finally returned I wonder if they shouldn’t have just sent the money for a replacement. Considering that the book was originally to be returned on May 23, 1980 I’m sure the library has already gone to the expense of replacing it. Maybe it could be put into a case with a sign reading “Eventually we will get your overdue books!”

On a similar note, I overheard someone complaining about library late fees. They had returned their book or books late and had a fine of about $30 and were whining about the fact that the library actually expected to pay the fee! The person went on to say that they weren;t going to be borrowing any more books from the library and my thought was “Good, I won’t have to run into you there!” 🙂 I frequently return library books and movies late and I see the fees as a way to support the library. That money goes into running the library, buying new materials, etc. Think of it as a donation. Or return your materials on time, your choice.


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One Response to Quite Overdue

  1. blueberryjunkie says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am like you, I always return books late. I love how you view the late fines as a donation. I always kick myself over the late fees…but that will not be the case anymore, as I will be “donating”.

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