Finally Finished Before I Fall

I finally finished Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Success! It’s a quick read but I kept starting and finishing other books while this book languished in my meh pile. I mentioned in my mini-review of Before I Fall, this was a tough book to get in to. Lauren Oliver’s writing style is great and that’s what made me keep going when I really wasn’t iterested in finishing the book.

My problem with this book is that, at least at the beginning, I didn’t care at all about the characters. The characters are total mean girls, and that’s fine. Not every book has to have characters that are all sweet and good natured. Mean people can be fun to read about but you still have to have something in their personality or their life story to make you care about them, at least enough to make you interested in reading and hopefully enjoying the whole book.

The book does get better later on, the main character opens up and shows some of the layers of her personality (Ogres really ARE like onions!). I almost felt a twinge of sympathy for her at one point. Almost. The character that I actually liked was Kent, and he didn’t get enough time in the book in my opinion. It would have been absolutely amazing to have had the book written in his words- same story, just from another (fresher) perspective. I’m sorry, but the whole “mean girls” things has been done to death.

The book is interesting and it was fun to see the sometimes subtle changes between each day (or rather, the same day happening over and over again). I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. I would recommend this book to others who have patience with books and don’t expect to love them from page one like I do. I have a 30 second attention span, can’t help it.

Can’t wait to read


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