Margaret Atwood Event Waitlisted… In Advance?

**Update** I’m off of the wait list (Hooray!) and I found out that the event is free. Hopefully more spots will continue to open up for those who are wait listed.

I just went on to the Hamilton Public Library’s website to look up an event. While there, I saw the upcoming Margaret Atwood event. I was really disappointed when I clicked on that event- it’s already sold out! Although her upcoming visit has been mentioned in The Spectator, registration or tickets for the event hadn’t even been advertised yet. I’ve really been looking forward to this event and I find it strange that there is already a wait list when there was no news that registration for this event was open. I’ve been checking Facebook, Twitter, The Spec, the Library’s November/December newsletter as well as the library’s website and saw nothing until the wait list info was published. Hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the event is filled with councillor’s, bigwigs and city “dignitaries” instead of the literacy loving citizens who were hoping to be there. Strange to keep registration for such a highly anticipated event under tight wrap.

Hopefully, given the huge demand for this event, it will be moved from the library and into a more suitable and larger venue- perhaps across the street at the Convention Centre?


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2 Responses to Margaret Atwood Event Waitlisted… In Advance?

  1. J. says:

    The wait list was also news to me to.
    Interesting title “Margaret Atwood Event Sold Out”.
    Was there ever a cost announced?

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