Review of Gone by Michael Grant

What would you do if all of the adults in your life disappeared without a trace? Parents, teachers, bus drivers, police officers and shop keepers- all gone.  Gone by Michael Grant explores what happens when everyone over the age of 15 suddenly disappears without warning or an explanation.

Gone is pretty intense- some very emotional parts as well as some gore and violence. Grant captures the character’s various personalities really well- it’s interesting to see how each individual reacts to the events in the novel based on their life experiences, beliefs and personalities. The characters are well fleshed out and  I really enjoyed learning about different character’s back stories and learning bits about their lives before all the adults went poof. Sometimes a bit of a character’s history would be revealed and I would think “Of course! it makes so much sense, the way they act”.

The first part of the book drags a bit, partially due to a side story that connects to the main story a little later on, but at the beginning it just feels as if it could have been written out or at least been written less about. Still, by the middle of the book I was completely caught up in the action and I didn’t want to put the book down. I was actually so caught up in the book that after I had finished reading it I was thinking about what I would do in that situation- where I would go, what I would do and partner up with. I was thinking so much about it that it didn’t even occur to me that it wouldn’t matter- as someone who is more than a bit past 15, I would not have been one of the kids left behind.


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