I Don’t Unnerstand Blood Red Road

I recently started reading Moira Young’s Blood Red Road. I also recently finished it, or at least finished all that I could choke down of it. I made it 18 pages before I gave up on the book. I realize that this is not enough time to determine whether or not it’s a good book but I just couldn’t get past the dialect used in this book. An instead of and, unnerstand instead of understand, figger instead of figure.

I understand ( or “unnerstand”) why this dialect is used- Young uses it to show the character’s background, the area they are from, etc. but to me it’s just like reading one of those annoying emails that demonstrates the power of the mind by telling you to read a paragraph where the words are all jumbled- yes, it’s possible to translate it but when I’m reading I don’t want to waste time translating- I want to get sucked into the plot, be caught up by the events and the characters and the words. With Blood Red Road the language is distracting and pulls me out of the book with every slang term used.

Maybe the plot of the book is enough to make some people deal with the language used (and judging by the many great reviews I’ve read, it has been) but it’s just not enough for me. 0/5.


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