Science Meets Craft- DIY Bouncy Balls

On Wednesday I discovered some awesome make your own bouncy ball kits at the dollar store and bought a ton of them.

*Update* I used the bouncy ball kits with 4 and 5 year olds at day care and it was a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed seeing the grainy powder being transformed into a bouncy ball and they really liked picking the different colours they wanted their own ball to be, and had fun choosing how much of each colour to put in and where. Some got really creative with the mixing and made stripes and neat patterns.

The kits are really neat and they do work- we made real bouncy balls from them BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) these bouncy balls don’t last like regular bouncy balls do. They are fine for a few days but then they dry out and turn hard as a rock. After they dry out they don’t bounce anymore, and putting them back in water didn’t make a difference. Overall the kits are fun and easy to use. They only cost $1.50 each kit so it’s worth the money.

On Thursday I found a make your own bouncy ball recipe online.  I really need to start Googling things before I make any purchases because it’s really annoying to find out that there’s an easy DIY option after you’ve bought the kit. The recipe looks pretty simple, and uses ingredients that I already had at home anyways (glue, borax, cornstarch). This looks like an entertaining craft/science experiment to do with any kids who are old enough not to eat the results.


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