Across the Universe

I finished reading Across the Universe by Beth Revis last month and realized I had never posted the review so here it is.

Amy is cryogenically frozen (a process that was described so vividly I had tears in my eyes as I was reading it) along with her parents and are loaded onto the spaceship Godspeed to travel to a new planet as part of Project Ark Ship. Although Amy’s parents will have important work to do on the project once they thaw in the future, Amy is just excess cargo. Amy had given up everything she has and has ever known to follow her parents into the future, so that she can be with them while they colonize a new planet. But Amy is thawed far before she is supposed to be and with her parents still frozen she is alone among strangers on Godspeed.

I generally don’t like science fiction but this book was good. It’s not completely science fiction either; it’s a mash up between sci-fi, dystopian, a murder mystery and a bit of romance. The sense of isolation that Amy feels on a ship where everyone knows each other, looks like each other and speaks like each other is very strong and written in a way that makes you feel lonely just reading it. I also loved the story of Elder and Eldest, and how they came to be. This book has lots of twists and turns keep you reading and I like the whodunit aspect as well.

My only complaint is that the writing is kind of patchy- for the most part it is really well written but there are some parts that I feel the author dropped the ball on- some parts are just boring and don’t capture your attention as much as others. There was also some violence that I felt was added just to be sensational- it didn’t really add to the plot, and the characters were already well explained and it didn’t help you understand the characters anymore than you already did. I felt it was just added for “entertainment” and it would have been better left out. I feel that some authors add elements to their novel that don’t benefit the story and feel very out of place in an otherwise great novel, possibly to try and compete with authors who write bestsellers filled with a lot of trash and plotlines to shock the reader instead of just writing quality books. Beth Revis has a very strong voice and a great writing style- very believable and descriptive (especially as this is her first novel) and I hope that she remembers quality over quantity for her next novel.

Overall, great story but shaky delivery- 3.5/5


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