Sing You Home

Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult follows Zoe and Max as they try and fail to have a baby by IVF. After another miscarriage their marriage falls apart. The twist is in what happens to Zoe and Max after they go their separate ways, then meet up again in court.

I felt pretty “meh” about this book. I like Jodi Picoult’s writing style but I disliked the plot- even with the twists it was a little bit boring and felt a little rushed, especially towards the end.

I didn’t like the characters either- they were fleshed out very much and didn’t have very strong personalities. Vanessa in particular was very bland and she could have been given more of a personality. I found that as I was reading I was getting one character confused with another, and there aren’t that many characters- they’re just written pretty similar to each other. Towards the end the characters seem to drop what personality traits they did have in order for the plot to move forwards and be wrapped up.

Some of the characters were very homophobic. I find in many books with homophobic characters they are written in a way that makes you feel that the author hates them as much as you do, but in this book it seemed like the author was sympathetic towards them, writing them in almost a positive light, which I really disliked.

Sing You Home has some similarities to My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, particularly during the court scenes when I almost felt as if I was re-reading My Sister’s Keeper. I think a couple of the lawyer jokes may have been reused from that book, but I don’t have a copy of My Sister’s Keeper so I can’t check. Still, it felt very repetitive.

The book is written in a tone that makes it feel like a quick, light beach read but the subject matter is sad and serious in so many parts of the book that the tone doesn’t feel like it fits the subject.

I give Sing You Home a 2.5/5, but would still recommend it to Jodi Picoult fan’s. Similar to writers like James Paterson or V.C Andrews- the books are so similar that if you like her other books, you’ll like this one as well.


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