Hunger by Michael Grant

Hunger is the second book in the Gone series by Michael Grant. In Gone, the first book of the series, everyone over the age of fifteen suddenly disappears and the kids find themselves caught in a 20 mile radius by a domed force field that they can’t get through. In Hunger the kids are still trapped without adults but other problems are arising- more and more children are developing powers and the powers aren’t always beneficial or easy to control.

I really like the concepts explored in this series and it’s really interesting to see how the different kids with their different personalities react to the challenges and situations that happen in Hunger. However, the quality has really dropped between Gone and Hunger. Gone was an intense book that was really well written, Hunger is a brutal book filled with a lot of violence (definitely not for animal lovers) and not much plot.

I’ve started reading Lies, the third book in the series, and so far it’s more promising than Hunger. If you’re a big fan of the series it’s worth it to skim Hunger so that you’re caught up for Lies but it’s not absolutely necessary. There’s enough information online about the plot of Hunger so that you could skip it entirely and move straight to Lies. I wish I had.


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