Variant by Robison Wells

Variant NovelIt’s so hard to review a book like Variant. I want to give enough information on the book to pique your interest but not so much information that it ruins the book for you.

The copy of Variant that I read has a quote by James Dashner, author of The Mazerunner, on the front cover that pretty much sums it up: “I loved it! The twist behind it all is my favorite since Ender’s Game.

Benson Fisher is a boy that bounces around from foster home to foster home. When he lands in a foster home where he’s basically just free labour, working in the gas station his foster family owns weekends, before school and after school he applies for a scholarship to Maxfield Academy, which he thinks is a boarding school. He starts to realize what he’s in for when he gets to the school and finds out that there are no adults at all on the school property, there are cameras everywhere and there’s a giant wall all the way around the property to prevent escapes. Not your typical boarding school.

I went most of the way though the book with a theory as to what was going on in my mind- I was completely wrong and the twist was much better than what I had been thinking. The book ends in a complete cliff hanger and I’m absolutely desperate for the next book to come out. Hopefully Robison Wells writes quickly!


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One Response to Variant by Robison Wells

  1. Hmm, “Variant” sounds very intriguing! Great review!
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for linking up in The Shop Hop! Make sure to stop by again on the 15th. I LOVE YOUR SHOP! I must say, I find that chalkboard banana very amusing. =)

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