Crossed by Ally Condie

Crossed by Ally Condie is the sequel to Matched. In Matched we learned about the Society that Cassia lives in that controls every aspect of her life- what she eats, what she wears, her education and eventual career- even who she will be Matched to.

In Crossed Cassia has left her family and Xander behind and has made her way to the Outer Provinces to look for Ky. She has some help from Xander, although his gifts are not necessarily beneficial. Xander’s part in this book is smaller than Ky’s, which is unfortunate because I definitely like Xander’s character better than Ky’s- he’s  written in a way that makes me feel more compassion for him, and more interest in him. Ky has led a much more interesting life but his character comes across as a little flat in comparison to Xander.

I didn’t like Crossed nearly as much as Matched (I loved Matched!)- it just didn’t catch my interest as much as Matched did. There are some great characters (I want to adopt Eli to be my little brother!) and plot twists, but a few of them are very obvious far in advance of when they are revealed. I’m not sure if they are really supposed to be plot twists or if the readers are supposed to be clued in to some things before Cassia is. Ally Condie’s writing continues to shine- she writes very descriptively and makes you feel like you’re part of the book- I love books like that.

Crossed is definitely a worthwhile read, especially if you loved Matched and are interested in following Cassia’s journey. Can’t wait until the next book in the trilogy comes out!


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