Book Review: Bunheads by Sophie Flack

19 year old Hannah Ward dances with the Manhattan Ballet Company. She has devoted her life to dancing, even moving to New York without her parents at the young age of 14. Bunheads follows Sophie through classes, rehearsals and performances, as well as through some non-ballet outings with an awful boy named Jacob.

Sophie Flack started dancing at a young age as well, and danced professionally with the New York City Ballet. Her experience shows in her writing, the ballet scenes in Bunheads are well detailed and show a behind the scenes view at the ballet world. Her experience makes Bunheads feel very authentic and realistic.

It’s fascinating to get to see inside a world so different than mine (I can not imagine putting in the amount of mental and physical work that Hannah puts into her dancing!). During the novel Hannah struggles with her decision to dance, wondering if it is time to move on to something new when all she knows is ballet.

The tension between Hannah and her friends as they hang out and dance together, because they are working towards the same goals and the same roles in the ballets is well written and adds to the quick pace of the novel.

The plot doesn’t drag and it’s a pretty quick read, which my short attention span really appreciated. Aside from most of the scenes with Jacob (I felt he was a loser that Hannah should have kicked to the curb within 5 seconds of meeting him) I really enjoyed reading Bunheads.

Whether you’re a diehard balletomane or you’re never seen a single ballet, Bunheads is interesting enough to draw you in. 4.5/5.


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  1. Nice blog! I’m stopping by via the link on Mercantile Muse.

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