The “toaster” is toast, and other links.

Apparently this generation has dropped the ball on the Edgar Allan Poe “toaster” tradition. Jeff Jerome, curator of the Poe House and Museum has declared that the tradition of a mysterious visitor leaving a half empty bottle of cognac on Poe’s grave on his birthday is officially over. Hopefully in the future someone else will pick up the torch (or the cognac, in this case) and restart it.

I can’t find a Canadian link for this, but for any Americans who want to vote in the Movie Brawl 2012, it’s down to Cosmopolis vs. The Hunger Games. Vote here.

I created this fun Etsy treasury called Birds on a Wire

And I was included in this very creative treasury called Bikes, Bananas and Beards.

Happy Saturday everyone!


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I'm a reader who enjoys sharing my opinion on good books, bad books and book news. Throw in a few crafts and some random musings and you have my blog. Welcome!
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