Movie Monday- Why I Won’t Be Watching The Descendants

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Welcome to Movie Monday, where I review a book that has spawned a movie, or a movie that is based on a book. Some weeks it won’t be a full review, it may just be news or photos of a book based movie. Last week on Movie Monday I wondered what was up with all of the hype for The Hunger Games.

This week I’ll be talking about a movie that I haven’t seen, based on a book that I haven’t read- The Descendants. My intention was to review a different book today, a book that I’ve actually read 😉  but I thought that this was more important.

Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of people tossing the word “retard” around so casually, like it doesn’t mean anything. People will use that word to describe friends, people they dislike, even themselves. I hear people using the word frequently, and I see it used online too but I don’t usually say anything about it. Today I saw it used on Twitter and I just had to speak up. I was looking around online for the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign and I stumbled upon a review of The Descendants, the movie I was supposed to be seeing tonight. This review was written by Jennifer Dawn at Cowgirl Up!, she’s a mom with two kids, one of whom has Down Syndrome. I also found another great review of the movie here. After reading those reviews I definitely won’t be going to see that movie tonight, or any other night. I’m letting my money talk, and I just can’t support a movie that gratuitously used that word.

I would love to believe that most people who use the r-word just aren’t thinking. Maybe they don’t understand how hateful and hurtful that word is. Maybe they’ve never been around anyone with Down Syndrome, or Autism, etc and have no one to picture when that word is used. But I do. I have worked with several children who have Down Syndrome, Autism, etc and I have had wonderful experiences taking care of those sweet, loving children. Every time I hear the r-word uses I picture them, and I feel hurt for them.

This post is dragging on and I feel like I’m just spinning in circles. here’s some posts from people who weigh in on this subject far better than I ever could.

Rob Rummel-Hudson from Schuyler’s Monster: Just a Word

What Happens When You Ask People Not to Say the Word “Retard” via BlogHer

Check out the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign here.


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One Response to Movie Monday- Why I Won’t Be Watching The Descendants

  1. Joyce Gravino says:

    Thank you so much for enlightening me on this movie. I love George Clooney and was going to see it. I feel the same way about the word “retard” and its unkind use. As a sister of a mentally retarded sister and an autistic son I have always hated that word thrown around so carelessly. It is very hurtful for people of my background to hear it. I used to correct people all the time but they just look at you like you are annoying them. My family does not use that word at all unless it is used appropriately. I usually just tolerate people using it but it does bother me. Now I’m running at the mouth here LOL. I won’t be seeing the movie now though.

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