Things I Love and Hate

Found this amazing book project on Twitter today. Julia Marchesi and Leon Reid IV have come up with a great way of sharing books with people in their community- a miniature brownstone house that acts as an outdoor cabinet for books. Julia says she got the idea after noticing the way that people left books for people to take out on their stoops.  The idea is for it to be a public art sculpture that people will also be able to take books out of as well as donate their own books, an “honor system library”. Their page has more info, as well as a link to their Kickstarter page where they are raising funds for their public art project. My favourite part of this project is the little books with feet. I may not have room for a 6 foot miniature brownstone at my home but I could definitely squeeze in a couple of those cute little guys!

Any book lovers who are looking for something to do today might want to catch Day 3 of Canada Reads. Prisoner of Tehran and The Tiger have been knocked out of the running, which book will be eliminated today? You can catch the live stream on the CBC’s website.

And last and certainly least in my opinion, I read a post by Jodi Piccoult on her new novel, Lone Wolf. I haven’t read the book so I won’t be commenting on that. My complaint here is the category the book is listed in- Female Fiction. What on earth is Female Fiction anyways? Why can’t it just be fiction, and let people decide for themselves? Usually Female Fiction books have female main characters and/or are written by female authors and I suppose many people believe that men won’t want to read about female main characters or read books written by female authors. Then again, many people wrongly believe that all women fit into a stereotype and that we all dress alike, act alike, think alike etc. This book being in that category is even more surprising as the main character is a man. I’m just sick of people making some things “for women” and some things “for men”. Why not just write the damn book and let people decide if they want to read it or not, regardless of what’s between their legs or what they identify as? Maybe people should be allowed to pick what book (or Lego) they want.

Great, now I’m all angry. I’m going to go take a few deep breaths before work.

Hope every has a great day!


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3 Responses to Things I Love and Hate

  1. I love the honour system idea. We have a book swap shelf at work where people can donate or take a book which I have always loved, though rarely take anything from. It is a lovely sculpture too. 😀

    And I know what you mean about things being in gender catagories. I actually have male friends who enjoy reading Austen and other ‘female’ books, so it isn’t fair on them to have something labelled not for them.

    I felt angry about the Yorkie (chocolate) adverts saying “not for girls” – it’s a good job it’s crap chocolate. Maybe that’s what they meant – that ‘girls’ wouldn’t want to waste calories on crap chocolate.

  2. Cassie says:

    This is amazing, thank you for sharing. I’ll be sure to post about it on my blog as well. And link to you!

  3. Leon Reid IV says:

    Hi this is Leon Reid IV, designer of The Hundred Story House. Thank you so much for promoting this project on your site. Julia and I believe that it is a good cause. If you do wish to see this project realized I encourage you all to make a donation to our page on kickstarter.

    We’ve only got 22 days to meet our goal; on no funding will be granted.

    Thanks so much again,



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