100 Greatest Books for Who?

Scholastic has released a “100 Greatest Books For Kids” list . All of the books on that list are wonderful books and I imagine it must have been very difficult to choose just 100 to include on the list. They included so many of my favourite books on that list: A Wrinkle in Time, Where the Wilds Things Are, The Giver, Madeline, etc, etc, etc. Too many of my favourites are on that list to name them all.

I know that the list isn’t going to make everyone happy. Maybe some favourite books have been left off, or people will disagree with books that were included. There’s a lot of excellent picture books that have been left off that I believe should have been included, and some of my childhood favourites such as The Egypt Game have been left off. If I had been on the committee helping to choose those books the list probably would have been renamed “1000 Greatest Books for Kids”.


You knew there was a but coming, didn’t you?

I read an article on USA Today where Nick Friedman, the editor in chief of Scholastic Parent and Child magazine was interviewed about the list.  Then my head imploded. Apparently Twilight was considered “too mature” for the list, which I would agree with since it is a list of books for children, not teens or young adults. However, they included The Hunger Games. Apparently vampires fighting and discussions of waiting until marriage to have sex is too mature for children but teenagers brutally killing each other for the entertainment of others is great for kids to read.

I’m not saying Twilight should have been included. It’s a very popular book but in terms of quality as well as in terms of what is appropriate for children it doesn’t belong on the list. The Hunger Games doesn’t belong on the list either. If Scholastic comes up with a list of “100 Greatest Books for teens and young adults then the Hunger Games should definitely show up on that list. Until then, how about we give that spot to a book that’s actually meant for children?


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3 Responses to 100 Greatest Books for Who?

  1. That is shocking, I think we are so desenitized to violence that it’s hard to consider anything “too mature”. I think Twilight could have been included on the list if The Hunger Games was considered “mature” enough

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