Review of Hana By Lauren Oliver

A Delirium StoryThis short novella serves as perfect bridge between Delirium and Pandemonium by filling in gaps from Delirium and whetting your appetite for Pandemonium. In Delirium Hana seemed so perfect, even when she was rebelling and going to the underground parties and concerts. This novella gives us a deeper look into Hana’s character, what she feels like. It’s very well written and clearly describes she is going through. It’s easy to imagine yourself in her place, feeling the horror of giving up your life and personality, and becoming the perfect wife of someone whom you are matched to, without being able to make a choice for yourself. I absolutely loved this quote from Hana because it clearly shows how Hana is feeling on the inside:

“I can’t tell her about what I’m feeling now, either: that my life is slowly squeezing closed around me, as though I’m walking through a series of rooms that keeps getting smaller.”

Hana shows more of the relationship between Hana and Lena. In Delirium it seems as if Lena liked Hana more than Hana liked her- not that Hana disliked Lena, but she seemed more aloof, and like she had so much more going on in her life that she didn’t really need Lena as much as Lena needed her. In this novella you see their relationship from Hana’s eyes and it surprised me.

If you liked Delirium I would definitely recommend picking up Hana. It’s a quick read but it really complements Delirium and would be a great read before picking up Pandemonium.


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