Review of Various Positions by Martha Schabas

Various Positions features Georgia, a teenager who is a talented ballet dancer. After she auditions for the Royal Toronto Ballet Academy and is accepted she has to balance being a teenager, ballet dancer and daughter. Georgia is very confused in this book and it really translates into the writing, but not in a good way. There are a whole lot of different events and interactions with different characters and they all seem as if they were just dumped into the book. It doesn’t flow from one event to the next, it’s so choppy and jumpy that as I was reading I wondered if I had gotten a copy with printing mistakes, I felt that there were parts that I must have missed or skipped over somehow.

There’s really no good way to sum up the events in this book. I disliked the book so much that I was just going to use the summary from Good Reads and add my review to it, but I feel that the Good Read’s summary of it doesn’t really fit the book.

There were some good points to the book. Martha Schabas lives in Toronto and Various Positions is set in Toronto. It’s nice to find a Canadian author, as well as to read a book set in Canada. It’s nice reading about locations that I have been to or have heard of.

I also really liked how the characters of Georgia’s friends and fellow dancers were written. They all had distinct personalities and attitudes, they were all unique. Some books seem to have characters that are all just slightly different variations but Schabas seems to have put a lot of effort into these smaller characters and they don’t fade into the background.

Overall, I can’t recommend this book. I would give it a 2/5 because I really enjoy the minor characters and the location and how it was written but it was difficult to read the book the whole way through. I finished it so that I could give a full review of it but this is definitely a book that you should skip.


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One Response to Review of Various Positions by Martha Schabas

  1. Sorry this wasn’t for you. I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed reviews and the ones who like it didn’t love it so I doubt I’ll ever read it. Great review though! 🙂

    Xpresso Reads

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