Movie Monday: Oscars and The Hunger Games

Lots of book news for today’s Movie Monday.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore won the Academy Award for animated short film. I had never heard of this before yesterday, but it’s a beautiful movie and I’m very glad it won.

This year’s Oscars were a very bookish affair, there were lots movies that were based on books this year and they did well. Hugo won for best visual effects. best sound editing, etc, etc. Octavia Spencer from The Help won best supporting actress. The Descendants won best adapted screenplay, I’m disappointed that this movie was even nominated. Full list of nominees and winners is here if you’re interested.

Enough about the Oscars. With less than a month to go before The Hunger Games hits theatres many bookstores are creating special displays that feature the trilogy. I saw this awesome set up at an Indigo store in Toronto. They bought a bow and arrows, spray painted them gold and hung them from the ceiling. Simple but very effective, it looked great (at least in person, the photos don’t really do it justice) and it really fits the book. Absolutely genius.


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2 Responses to Movie Monday: Oscars and The Hunger Games

  1. Schnazer says:

    Wow. That is a really awesome display. I live in Vancouver and there are very few Indigo stores here. The special thing about that display poster @ Indigo is that there is a code on it. The code unlocks a pin for District 10 on the Cineplex website (which in turn allows you more contest entries). Are you able to take a clearer shot of the poster with the password showing? Thank you very much!!!

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