Review of Eve by Anna Carey

Eve is a dystopian novel set 16 years after most of the people on earth were wiped out by a virus. Eve lives in a well guarded school with girls, being educated in various classes such as Dangers of Men and Boys. Eve and the other girls think that once they graduate from their school they will be going to the building across the lake to learn a trade. When Eve discovers this is not the case she knows she must leave the school, regardless of what she has been told life is like outside the school’s walls.

I read the first couple of chapters online before Eve was released and they sparked enough interest to make me want to finish the book. This book has a really interesting concept- if most of the Earth’s population was wiped out, what would be the best way to repopulate? And best for whom- the women who will be bearing the children, the people in charge, or the general population?

Anna Carey writes clearly and with great details- I like her writing style because you feel as if you are following the characters, watching the action as it unfolds. I really enjoy how the characters are written, you get a strong sense of what they are thinking and feeling, you get inside their heads a little.

This is definitely not a feel good book, it’s terrifying to think of these girls being treated as objects more than actual people, horrifying to think that the people who are supposed to be caring for them are really only looking out for themselves. It’s still a great book if you want a more thoughtful book that will unsettle you,

I wish we has gotten a closer look at how people outside the cities are living there lives, but this book is only the first in the series so perhaps the next book, Once, will take a closer look at that.

One of the negative parts about the book is that it moves a bit too slowly at times. It’s a fairly short book at 322 pages, but I feel some sections were a bit too repetitive and the book sometimes drags too much. If you’re a fan of dystopian novels I would definitely recommend picking up Eve- 4/5.


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One Response to Review of Eve by Anna Carey

  1. TaraT says:

    I felt like Eve dragged at times too. I feel like most of the book was taken up with hiding in the woods, being chased etc. and it got boring after awhile. I’m hoping the next two books are going to be awesome. It’s a great set-up / scenario, and I can’t wait to learn more about how the people in cities are living.

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