Review of Julia’s Child by Sarah Pinneo

 Julia’s Child by Sarah Pinneo is perfect light read- it’s a touching and funny book that manages to be sweet without being sappy. Julia’s Child is about a woman (Julia, of course) who is running her own business (Julia’s Child) creating delicious organic meals that children will actually eat. It explores the balance between Julia’s work, parenting and relationships with loved ones as her business starts to take off.

Although it is a fairly light and quick read there is a good amount of plot to this book which I really enjoyed. It’s a cute book without murders, assaults or other sinister plot points but it’s not a boring book at all. The author, Sarah Pinneo, pulls you into the story by creating characters that you really care about and fall in love with. You’ll really root for Julia when things go wrong and cheer for her when things go right.

I really loved Marta’s character, she adds a bit of spice to the book. Her personality acts as a yin to Julia’s yang and they complement each other so well.

There were a lot of different plot points- the expansion of the business, the happenings at the farm, the relationships between the various characters and the constant juggling Julia did to keep everything going. I loved the part about the convention- Pinneo manages to add some drama without taking away any of the humour.

Pinneo has a wonderfully descriptive writing style, she’s funny and refreshing but doesn’t come across as corny or cheesy. Julia’s Child is an enjoyable read without any real problems (which makes for a shorter review!). I’d recommend this book to any moms, entrepreneurs, foodies or anyone else looking for a good laugh. 5/5.


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