Doors Open Hamilton 2012

This past weekend I had a chance to visit a few of the many great buildings that were open for Doors Open Hamilton 2012. The volunteers at the sites were welcoming and knowledgeable and did a wonderful job. They deserve a big thank you because this event couldn’t be held without them. The weather co-operated as well and definitely added to the experience.

Auchmar Manor Estate

I visited Auchmar with a friend and we had a great time planning how we would organize all of the rooms and grounds when we buy Auchmar for ourselves.  A giant library, a ball pit and a petting zoo were some of our ideas. Anyone want to loan us a few million?

Some bookshelves at Auchmar. These may not be enough for our combined collections.

Auchmar is very well maintained and it’s neat to be able to take a look into the past when visiting. So much hard work went into building the estate and it shows in the details. Definitely not a bland and boring house like some newly built houses are.

Windowsill at Auchmar.

Not from Ikea!

Hamilton’s Port Authority was a great place to visit. The view from their boardroom is amazing and they had a really interesting time capsule with items from 1953. Plus they had cake in honour of their Centennial 🙂


The view from the Port Authority’s boardroom, showing Hamilton Harbour.

One of the illustrated panels on the elevator doors. The others showed the great lakes and other ships.



It’s just not Doors Open Hamilton without getting to ring a bell. It’s tradition!

Hopefully if you live in Hamilton or close by you had a chance to check out Doors Open Hamilton. If not then be sure to put it on your calendar for next year!


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