Review of If I Stay by Gayle Forman

If I Stay is an absolutely beautiful and haunting book. The novel is short, less than 200 pages, and takes place over a single day. When Mia and her family- Mom, Dad and younger brother Teddy, take advantage of a snow day to take a drive to visit friends and family a car accident changes everything.

The book is written from a very interesting perspective- Mia takes us between what’s currently happening at the hospital as well as filling us in about her life before the accident. It flows amazingly well, there is no jerking back and forth between time periods as it is all told by Mia as if it is just one long story, which I suppose it is.

If I Stay is emotional (I’ll admit, I cried while reading it) but isn’t a weepy novel. There are many more emotions shown in this book, it is sad in parts but it doesn’t take over the whole book.

I loved how If I Stay shows how much can happen in 24 hours, and how just one single day can change your entire life. It sounds like a trite and clichéd message, but Forman’s simple and gripping prose manages to get the message across without ever becoming sappy or over-sentimental

I would give If I Stay 5/5. I picked it up from my local library but I’ll definitely be putting this book on my “to be purchased” list- this is definitely a book that you’ll read cover to cover in one sitting more than once.


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2 Responses to Review of If I Stay by Gayle Forman

  1. i cried too! but wasn’t it so beautiful!? you really need to read the next one!

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