The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown is a very entertaining read that is perfect for book lovers. After their mother is diagnosed with cancer the Andreas sisters move back to the house they grew up in. Cordy, Bean and Rose all have things in their lives that they are avoiding, and these come to the surface gradually throughout the novel.

Most of the characters in this book were great- fully fleshed out with great details given about them. Brown writes the characters in a way that makes you feel like you’re getting to know them in real life and she writes about them in a way that makes you genuinely care about each character and what’s going on in their lives. The main characters are the Andreas sisters Rose, Bean and Cordy (in order of oldest to youngest) who are very, very different from each other. They each have a very distinct personality without being a stereotype. The parent’s characters are a little flat and one dimensional which I thought was a little strange given their importance. The mother seems like she should have more weight in the book as it’s her health that brings the sisters back home. The father is also a strangely flat character, and I really thought that he would be a larger character as his love of reading and his love of Shakespeare is often brought up, and helped to shape the sister’s lives and personalities. He is a character that is talked about than a character that has much action in the story.

The sister’s hometown is so richly described and plays such a strong part in the story that it stands on it’s own like another character. Brown vividly describes the small town so perfectly that the reader can picture every location as if they themselves have been there dozens of times. I loved how the sister’s strange school they went to was described, and the prom they had sounded like so much fun! The town seems sweetly idyllic without seeming sickly sweet.

I feel that some of the most interesting and important parts of the sisters’ lives and character development wasn’t shown because the book only covers the events of their adult lives. I feel that the story of their childhood and teenage years would be really interesting and I would absolutely love a prequel to this book.

The Weird Sisters is a very moving book that will pull you in. I would give this book a 4/5


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