Happy Birthday Robert Munsch!

June 11th is Robert Munsch’s birthday. Robert Munsch is an incredibly talented children’s author who writes very funny children’s books. Even better, he’s Canadian! For his birthday I’m doing a round up of my top five Robert Munsch books. In no particular order:

1. The Paper Bag Princess: This was my very first Robert Munsch book, and quite possibly my first book ever. I received this as a gift from my Aunt when I was very litle. I absolutely love this book because it’s a fairytale with an awesome princess. No sniveling damsel in distress in this book!

2. Up, Up, Down: This story is one of my favourite Robert Munsch books because it is just so fun to read out loud. You can’t go wrong reading this story because the way the words are written on the page show you how to say them so you sound like a master story teller. From Munsch’s website:

The use of text in the story was a problem. When an adult is telling the story, their effectiveness depends on how they use their voice in the “up-up-down” sequence. So the text placement tells them how to do it! In the book the text does not go in a straight line. The “up-up” climbs up the page and this gets the reader to ‘climb’ with their voice.

3.  Mortimer– This is another story that is great to read aloud. The best part is that when you read it to kids they join in really, REALLY loudly for the noisy song and then quiet down right away so they can hear the rest of the story! It’s like magic. I have had so much fun reading this book to children in day care, and have found that the children really enjoy using music instruments when reading this story as well. This book was recently updated into a board book. The story was shortened so it’s perfect for reading to toddlers and it’s much harder for them to destroy the book.

4.  Zoom! This story is ridiculously funny. I love that it features a kid in a wheelchair and shows her in such a positive way. No clunky writing about her disability or dancing around the fact that she’s in a wheelchair- just a great story about a speed demon. I can’t believe it took Scholastic 2 years to agree to do that book.

5. Ribbon Rescue: This story is more quietly funny than some of Robert Munsch’s uproariously funny stories. It’s such a sweet and thoughtful story and is one I come back to frequently

I also really like The Mud Puddle, David’s Father, The Dark, Purple, Green and Yellow…There are so many other favourites that it was hard to pick just 5. More than just the stories, I love that Robert Munsch puts so much thought into his stories, and includes real children and locations in them. On his website you can see all of his many books and read about what went into each story(and hear the stories read by Robert Munsch himself!).

Happy Birthday Robert Munsch!


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Robert Munsch!

  1. Maegan Morin says:

    Thanks for the great post! Robert Munsch is a favorite in our house!

  2. I remember reading The Paper Bag Princess when I was younger ! I read it so many times (:

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