Recommend A…#1

I’m trying out a new meme from Chick Loves Lit called Recommend A. Check out this post for more info and for a list of the prompts. Today’s writing prompt for Recommend A is “trilogy”.

The first trilogy that came to mind was the Guests of War trilogy by Kit Pearson. I recently read one of her newer books, The Whole Truth, and so her books have been in my head. Kit Pearson’s writing is always wonderful and the plot in this trilogy is amazing, especially as the war guests program did exist and there must have been real people in situation similar to the characters in these books. This trilogy does have some serious parts but there is humor as well, and lots for you to think about.

The Sky is Falling is the first book in this trilogy. Norah and her brother Gavin live in England at the beginning of World War 2 and are sent to Canada to live with strangers as part of the war guest program. This book focuses on the journey to Canada as well as how Norah and Gavin fit in to their new home.

The second book in the Guests of War series is Looking at the Moon. Norah is now a teenager and is growing up. This book focuses more on Norah as she matures, and has some romance to it. This book takes place at a cottage on a lake, and I love how it is described in the book. The cottage is owned by the family that they are staying with during the war, The Olgilvies, and their extended family stays there in the summer. It just seemed like such a magical place.

In the Lights Go On Again the end of the war is near and Norah and Gavin are back in Toronto. Norah and Gavin have to deal with the decision to return home, which is not easy for Gavin as he was so young when he came to Canada that it feels like home to him. Gavin was a stronger character in this book.

I haven’t read these books in awhile, I’ll have to dust off my copies, re-read them and give them a proper review each.  Can’t wait to see the other recommended trilogies!


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