Review of Cooking the Books by Kerry Greenwood

Cooking the Books by Kerry Greenwood

Cooking the Books by Kerry Greenwood

Cooking the Books is the latest Corinna Chapman mystery by Kerry Greenwood. In Cooking the Books Corinna is meant to be having a relaxing vacation while the bakery is closed but instead ends up baking for the set of a soap opera called “Kiss the Bride”. While practical jokes, hidden identities and actor drama cause chaos on set, Daniel and Corinna are hunting down some very important papers off set, and helping out a woman being bullied by her employer along the way.

Kerry Greenwood’s books have such unique and lively characters. Obviously Corinna and Daniel are in this book and they are joined on the set by Kylie and Goss, who have parts in the soap opera. I really enjoyed how Jason was included in this book. In Cooking the Books he is on vacation surfing for most of the book but is included in the book by having Corinna and Jason email back and forth to each other (love his crazy spelling!).

I picked up Cooking the Books at just the right time. With the weather having a hard time deciding between being freezing cold and mild and raining, plus with a day off due to freezing rain and a snow day, I had no desire to brave the winter weather. Cooking the Books is the perfect book to stay inside with on a snow day- this cozy mystery offers an entertaining plot that will keep you intrigued until the end while still being light enough for a vacation read. I’m not a big fan of mysteries with blood and gore and the Corinna Chapman series is absolutely perfect for me.

I give Cooking the Books 5/5 stars. Fans of Greenwood’s previous books should be sure to pick it up and fans of other cozy mysteries should check it out. If you’re looking for a fun and interesting read pick up Cooking the Books.


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One Response to Review of Cooking the Books by Kerry Greenwood

  1. This sounds like a great series. I always enjoy a good mystery. I’ll have to check out this series from the start.

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