Super Late Supercrawl Part 1

Supercrawl is one of my favourite events in Hamilton. I go to many of the Art Crawls throughout the year as well but always look forward to Supercrawl. Being able to walk down the middle of James Street North without being hit by a car, checking out the many wonderful vendors, eating at the food trucks (Beaver Tails!), checking out the bands and of course the fantastic art, both in the galleries and on the street- it all adds up to a fabulous event.

Here are some photos of the Friday night of Supercrawl.


Wintersleep performing.


I absolutely loved this idea- art created by the public. This chalkboard wall was really fun. it was pretty full already by Friday night and by Saturday night it was absolutely packed with writing and drawings!


No space is wasted! Love these windows at the Mulberry.


Creative and fun window at White Elephant. I always look forward to checking out their window displays!


Love this message.

Photos from the Saturday of Supercrawl will be in Super Late Supercrawl Part 2


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