DIY Salt Tray

Looking for ways to encourage your children to practice their writing skills this summer? Try making a salt tray! It’s cheap and easy to make and it’s a fun way to help your kids practice their literacy skills this summer.


Materials needed:

– Tray with higher sides. I bought a wooden tray at Value Village for $2.99

– Paint. Acrylic paint from the dollar store or paint samples from a hardware store will work. I used latex paint I had left over from another project. Dark or bright colours like blue, purple, green work well. Any colour that will provide a nice contrast with the salt.

– Paintbrushes

_ Sandpaper (optional)

Step #1- Clean off the tray prior to painting. I used rubbing alcohol to wipe it off to make sure any oils etc were off. This will make sure the paint sticks to the tray. If your tray is rough or has a design painted on it you can sand it after cleaning but this is optional.

Step #2- Paint the tray with several light coats of paint, allowing it to dry completely in between coats. It’s a good idea to lightly sand in between coats with fine sand paper in order to get a smooth surface.

Step #3- When your tray is completely dry cover it with salt or white craft sand and let your kids start writing!


Kids can practice writing in a salt tray with their fingers or let them use tools like chopsticks to draw and write in the salt. It’s a neat way for younger kids to practice writing letters and numbers and it lets older kids practice writing new words. To erase just shake the tray gently from side to side.




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